Legal Intern Applications

We receive legal intern applications each year and typically add two or three lawyer candidates to our legal team.  Bulk of the applications are received and evaluated between January and end of April thus selection is made among the resumes received within these periods.  We take into consideration resumes received out of this period on an exceptional basis only if there is an immediate opening.  We have no longer an available position for 2018 incoming legal intern team members.

Lawyer Position Applications

Although we do not have a periodical scheduled or programmed hiring scheme for associate positions, hiring necessity does arise from time to time as for different seniority levels through out the year. Therefore, we always welcome and encourage our confident colleagues to send in their resumes regardless of their level of seniority.  We do however apologize as we are usually unable to respond to random receipts of resumes but we do keep them in our files on a confidential basis and contact when a position becomes available.  As and when a specific position becomes available we make a posting in this respect.