İçtemLegal has an experienced litigation team focusing on commercial and corporate litigation. We are engaged in various categories of cases concerning outstanding contractual claims, compensation claims arising out of breach of contract or torts, corporate litigation, intellectual property related litigation.

Intellectual Property Litigation

We represent clients in connection with many trademark, patent violation cases subject matter of which are compensation claims due to unauthorized use of our clients’ intellectual property. We also have extensive experience in trademark annulment cases. Many of our clients are world wide known enterprises owning extremely valuable trademarks used throughout international trade. The global use of such marks in international trade may lead to unauthorized use or even outright deliberate adoption or copying of our clients trademarks. Our effort is to be able to prevent and eliminate such counterfeit trademarks to clear the path to our clients’ rightful trade. In this respect we commonly utilize local legislation as well as “well known” doctrine and other aspects of Paris Convention.


We are engaged in cases concerning damage or loss to our clients’ personal rights or assets arising out of torts.

Contractual Claims

İçtemLegal has a vast number of cases pursuing outstanding contractual claims, indemnification claims or other compensation related claims arising out of breach of contract. We have specific expertise in potential claims arising out of (long term) distributorship, agency contracts and goodwill compensation claims.

Corporate Litigation

We represent our clients in many different forms of corporate or intra-shareholder disputes; such as challenging corporate decisions devised by controlling shareholders for self interest, alleged breaches of capital market legislation (such as insider trading allegations and other forms of white collar criminal activity), director liability lawsuits, claims arising out of misappropriation of corporate funds etc.

Employment Law Related Litigation

We represent our clients in employment law related litigation, mostly against unjust termination claims of ex-employees.

Secured Transactions

We work extensively on litigation concerning foreclosure of collateral and other security interest, mostly in the form of pledges or mortgages. Apart from the operational experience related to registration and creation of security interest for our clients in the form of movable asset pledges, commercial establishment pledges, mortgages etc. we also work on foreclosure of the same to the extent need arises.

Core Competencies

  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Torts & Contractual Claims
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Employment Law Related Litigation
  • Secured Transactions