General Corporate / Contracts

One of İçtemLegal’s primary practice areas is advising on general corporate law, corporate governance issues and provision of corporate trust services in Turkey. We advise and assist our clients in connection with selection of the right form of legal presence in Turkey among available corporate formations permitted under Turkish law and consummate the establishment process as per the client’s choice. İçtemLegal not only provides rather straight forward company establishment services but also undertakes more complex structures especially procurement of necessary authorizations for prospective corporations in regulated markets. We assist our clients with respect to procurement of banking, financial leasing, factoring company licenses from relevant supervisory authorities or establish liason offices of foreign entities of such kind.

Following the company establishment stage, we also assist our clients with respect to ongoing corporate governance actions especially at the board and shareholder level. Attendance and voting on shareholders meetings are subject to certain formalistic requirements under Turkish law, violation of which may render the proposed action or decision invalid. We ensure on behalf of our clients that all such corporate resolution taking mechanisms are in tact. For our clients needing to work and reside in Turkey, we also provide legal assistance and consultation with respect to procuring necessary work and residence permits.

We often provide safe keeping and supervisory services for corporate legal and resolution books in order to ensure that foreign clients physically distant to the local company are not harmed by potential corporate decisions taken without their knowledge or due authorization and in their absence.

In addition to the above, İçtemLegal continuously works on drafting and negotiating various contracts; including but not limited to employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, rental contracts, license and know how agreements, distribution agreements, service agreements, long term supply contracts which may eventually be required during the course of the business.

Corporate Trust Services

In the area of corporate trust, İçtemLegal advised trustees on both US based and international transactions, asset backed securitizations and project finance transactions by reviewing documents such as; Indentures, Trust Agreements, Security Agreements, Collateral Agency Agreements, Issuing and Paying Agency Agreements, Depository Agreements and Escrow Agreements. We also represent parties of a contractual relationship with respect to providing escrow, document safe keeping and fiduciary services in Turkey. From time to time, contractual parties feel the need to deposit funds or certain important legal documents with an entrusted third party up and until the closing of their transaction. İçtemLegal provides a relatively cheaper and reliable option in case of such need by entering into an escrow agreement with contractual parties regulating the retention and release conditions of entrusted escrow property.


Core Competencies

  • License, Franchise & Stock Option Agreements
  • Distributorship and Agency Contracts
  • Supply, Lease & Construction Agreements
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Corporate Trust