We have a solid background and considerable experience in data protection related issues, serving clients from various industries in this area; such as financial institutions, construction companies, industrial equipment providers, energy production, operational and financial leasing, software development, value added technology providers and many others.


Our services are both in preemptive compliance and (investigation) defense stages.  We serve our clients in ensuring compliance with Turkish Data Protection Legislation; namely, Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 (“PDPL”) and take necessary measures for purpose of preventing any breach of the law thus possible investigation by Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”) initiated upon complaint or ex officio. We assist our clients in preparation of privacy notices and disclaimers, taking legal measures to protect personal data, complying with parameters accepted by the Board, registration and notification to data controllers registry where violation of each such action leads to substantial administrative fines.


We are also experienced in terms of implementing an immediate action plan upon a possible data privacy breach situation, including making the necessary filings and cooperation with the Board and assisting clients with the ensuing investigations. 


Beside administrative fines regulated under PDPL for any possible breaches, as General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force throughout the EU jurisdictions, compliance with data protection regulations became almost compulsory for those doing business with EU.

We offer legal services relating to personal data protection practice such as;

  • PDPL compliance projects (including all stages of risk analysis, inventory preparation and action plan),
  • Drafting all required legal documents including data processing policies and privacy notices for each different stage and unit of the organization,
  • Working on start-up companies to be in line with “privacy by default” policy,
  • Consultancy on actions to be taken for PDPL for employment law aspect and
  • Consultancy and assistance on data protection related issues in any stage of day-to-day business of the client.